Mishnah shops was established by the  D .M. C  (Daily Mishna Chapter) - the Mishnayot factory 'Haperek Hayomiled by Rabbi Eliyahu Kadosh Shlita under the Maharal from Prague Regulation.  www.mishna.org.il

The MISHNA in general and the  D .M. C  (Daily Mishna Chapter) in particularly is the success mystic pathway to your NESHAMA, and therefore,

In Mishnah shops you will find all the books and products that will connect you to your NESHAMA.

- MISHNA books - we have concentrated and enriched the supply of MISHNA books into one place.

In the media - we have set up in Mishnah shops a whole complete set of media (lecture classes, etc.).

Games - for children youth and adults, as well you can find preparation games for the Preschool children to love and to get exciting experience of the Mishna Learning.  In Mishnah shops you can find Trivia, puzzles, quartets of cards, BEIT HAMIKDASH art kits and much more!

Apparel - The  D .M. C  establishments produced a special line of high-quality designer clothing 'The  D .M. C  Dress Up' around the world (Shipments also available in the US and Europe), Which includes hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets with the  D .M. C  (Daily Mishna Chapter) global logo.

Custom made Apparel also available with prints of your own choice.

Mishna items - 'The magic mug of the  D .M. C'  (Daily Mishna Chapter) - that will remind you to learn today's Mishna Chapter, backpacks and much more.

Jewelryengraved bar chain PENDANTS or BRACELET with a sterling silver pendant / Black Rhodium Plated / 18K Rose Gold Plated / White Rhodium Plated / 24K Gold Plated or a high-quality leather bracelet with pure sterling silver, and much more.

Custom made bracelets also available with your own choice!

Mishnah shops specializes in the MISHNA topic's in all branches and products.

Mishnah shops will connect you to your NESHAMA.