THE MISHKAN harav natan sherman / ארטסקרול המשכן וכליו

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harav natan sherman  

The Mishkan was built with all its tools and clothing by Cohen -

Medium Format: Hardcover In the midst of the Israelite camp in the desert stood the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, the holy place where the Shekinah of God resided.
It was a place of glory, of beauty, of incomparable holiness, and the focal point of Israel's existence during their journeys in the desert after the exodus from Egypt.
Now you can see how the tabernacle was built, how the sacred vessels were assembled and how the priestly garments were made.
Hundreds of exquisite, full-color, detailed images of the tabernacle, holy vessels and priestly garments.
Basic interpretations of the Pentateuch describing the tabernacle, its vessels and the garments of the priesthood.
Rashi's text on these verses of the Pentateuch - explained. Clear explanations of the purpose of each tool and how to use it, based on the Torah and Talmudic sources. An overview of the Mishkan and its place in Jewish life, by Rabbi Natan Sherman
A book for all ages: clear and detailed captions make it suitable for children as well - at home and in the classroom!
No. of pages: 296

release date 07/09/2022 

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תאריך יציאה  07/09/2022


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